Applications within the Internet of Things Part 2

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The Internet of Things (IoT) includes a number of different applications throughout a wide assortment of industries. In our first breakdown of applications within the IoT, we discussed how Brewer Science creates materials for sensors and MEMS devices essential to the development of IoT applications. Now we’ll take a look at our involvement with control devices for electric vehicles, as well as how our technology has lengthened battery life and allowed multiple devices to communicate directly with each other for improved safety, efficiency, and logistics in a handful of industries.

Energy Management

IoT devices will be integrated into all forms of energy-consuming devices such as switches, power outlets, bulbs, TVs, and more. Allowing our smart devices to communicate with utility supply companies helps effectively balance energy usage and remotely control devices so you can turn on the A/C as you’re driving home on a hot day. Monitoring the control mechanism helps improve the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of all energy devices.

Medical and Health-Care Systems

Health care facilities will be able to sync remote health monitoring and emergency notification systems such as blood pressure and heart rate monitors, specialized implants, pacemakers, and hearing aids to mobile devices, ensuring constant health monitoring by patients and physicians alike.

Building and Home Automation

Often regarded as the most popular and sought-after application within the IoT, you'll soon be able to control smart washers, lighting, thermostats, ventilation, and home security devices all with your smartphone. This control will be extremely popular in individual homes and useful in industrial and public buildings.


Integrating IoT devices throughout all aspects of the transportation system—including vehicles, infrastructure, and drivers—will allow department managers to have more day-to-day control and better information. Constant communication within the transportation system increases safety, logistics, fleet management, and vehicle control.

Brewer Science helps get the ball rolling for everything IoT by producing necessary materials for sensors, MEMS, and control devices and by creating technology to improve battery life. Learn more about Brewer Science today by contacting us online or by phone at 1-573-364-0300.

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