Planarization Innovations Help Semiconductors Go Even Smaller and More Complex

Imagine you’ve decided to undertake a home improvement project; you’re going to lay tile in the downstairs powder room.

Topics: planarization, semiconductors

Futuristic Approach with Directed Self-Assembly

Now that Brewer Science is leading the charge in improving directed self-assembly (DSA) technology, products such as semiconductors, computer hard drives, and drug therapies can benefit from new manufacturing methods that can make complex structures as small as 7 nanometers. The technology allows for higher product volumes and lower costs than in the past, all without requiring manufacturing equipment upgrades. What’s next for DSA technology across the world? We asked the opinion of Dr. Marya Lieberman, associate professor of chemistry at the University of Notre Dame. Lieberman’s research focuses on nanostructures made from DNA as self-assembling "circuit boards" for nanoelectronic and nanomagnetic devices.

Topics: Directed Self-Assembly, DSA, semiconductors, nano technologies

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