DSA: How far we've come and how much farther is left to go

To the average consumer, the path of new technology looks pretty linear. A cool new concept emerges, scientists figure out how to manufacture it, and pretty soon consumers can find it in a product.

Topics: EUV, Directed Self-Assembly, DSA, SEMICON Taiwan, Gartner Hype Scale

Lithography process simplification for reduced cost of ownership

Cost of ownership plays an important role in lithography process materials and methods decisions. Process simplifications brought about by layer-to-layer synergy drive significant cost of ownership advantages for multilayer lithography systems such as the Brewer Science® OptiStack® system. Savings in mask engineering and manufacture are the greatest cost difference. Optical proximity correction (OPC) algorithms need only be determined once for all layers, rather than individually for each layer, which results in fewer mask corrections. Advanced devices with smaller critical dimensions benefit most from this system in that there are more layers at smaller critical dimensions, requiring greater mask design and production costs.

Topics: lithography, EUV, multilayer

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