Sensors help fuel the high-flying future of drone technology

By 2021, consumer drone sales will reach 67.9 million units, according to market research firm Tractica. Let’s be clear — that number largely represents drones that will be purchased for entertainment purposes by hobbyists, flight enthusiasts, and other private individuals. With drone prices dropping over the same time frame and drone technology improving, the commercial applications for drones appear vast.

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3 reasons flex sensors are paving the future

Looking at the endless opportunities of what a flex sensor is capable of, it got us thinking about the slew of possibilities within various industries.

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Printed electronics on display in Santa Clara

Thanksgiving arrives a little early for all of us in the semiconductor industry.

Topics: sensors, printed electronics, idtechex

A quick look under the hood of an autonomous car

Whatever your preconceived notion of autonomous cars are, companies like Tesla and Google are bringing autonomous cars out of the sci-fi world and into a new reality — and just in time.

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3 interesting places sensors are having an impact

Sensors have become so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore. After all, everything we encounter that takes a charge or has an on/off switch has at least one sensor.

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Small sensors having a big impact in Rio

The modern Olympic games haven’t changed much over the last 120 years.

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Sensors in space: How sensors are shaping aerospace

Human beings have been achieving great things for thousands of years. We built the pyramids, mapped our genome, and even invented sliced bread, for crying out loud.

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Solutions to Manufacturing's Water Problem


You show me someone who lives in a low-lying area and I’ll show you someone who understands how damaging water can be.
Topics: sensors, moisture sensors, wafer problems, inflect sensors

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